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Kam11 10/31/2014 10:34 PM
Syd u better hide your credit card...zombie steam sale this weekend
Kam11 10/31/2014 6:55 PM
Lol yeah sounds like he had a good meal
satia2032 10/31/2014 5:25 PM
Rhymin' and stealin' in a drunken state And I'll be rockin' my rhymes all the way to Hell's gate. That's what the cook was saying as he was eating your wings
Nody 10/31/2014 5:21 PM
I ordered a dozen wings once and got 5. I can understand maybe getting 11, but there being less than half didn't look odd to the cook?
satia2032 10/31/2014 1:48 PM
If you would have finished college maybe you could offer me a job someplace that doesnt suck. even off work they find a way to fuck me over ffs lol
Kam11 10/31/2014 8:42 AM
See if i had finished college people wouldnt have to tell me these things
satia2032 10/31/2014 8:27 AM
Did you know that 5 cost more than 4 though?
Kam11 10/31/2014 1:39 AM
So i was at the store today and ordered 4 chicken tenders right. The lady behind the counter said You know that if u get 3 its cheaper than 4. Was the first time ive said 'well duh' since i was like 14 lol.
Vector090 10/30/2014 11:40 PM
what's up Nodyman!
Nody 10/30/2014 4:31 PM
Shhhhh - I'm BATMAN!
Vector090 10/30/2014 2:31 PM
Satia it sure took you long enough!
satia2032 10/30/2014 10:26 AM
as lame as it is I want these armor sets http://tor-fashion.com/tattered-ritualist/ and PVE is not my thing so if you guys dont have anything else to do this weekend I'd like to try to do these flashpoints
satia2032 10/30/2014 9:26 AM
Kered if you see this I did eventually open my email and responded lol. Glad to hear from you
satia2032 10/30/2014 8:27 AM
Kered, you mother fucking mother fucker. Love you
Vector090 10/30/2014 4:31 AM
Hey Syd!
Sydious 10/29/2014 11:28 PM
Kered WTF man, you pick my bowling night and game 7 of the world series to show up lol.... dick
Sydious 10/29/2014 11:27 PM
Fuckin Giants ..!..
Vector090 10/29/2014 8:44 PM
not that washed assholes are that much better mind you... i've tried both
Vector090 10/29/2014 8:40 PM
Ryn! my internet connection sucks unwashed assholes... i think it would basically just crap out if i got on vent
booson66 10/29/2014 8:12 PM
get on vent bitch
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Vengeance of the Fallen was founded in early 2004 in a game called Star Wars Galaxies on the Shadowfire server. The guild built a reputation as defenders of the Rebel Alliance. By late 2004, epic campaigns were waged nightly across the galaxy. The guild's home town of Insurgo often saw battles on it's front steps, and was soon known as key terrain in the Galactic Civil War. Known for their PvP prowess, -VF- looks to the horizon ready to rise once again and defend the Republic from the Tyranny of the Empire.

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Here is a great link to all kinds of good info. http://r2-db.com/
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