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- VF-

            Vengeance of the Fallen is a PvP/PvE Republic guild in Star Wars: The Old Republic on The Ebon Hawk server. The core goal of -VF- is to be a force in PVP and Endgame raiding. We believe the best way to achieve that is to create an atmosphere of respect and friendship within the guild, work together as a team to better one another as players, and maintain a friendly, tight-knit community on our server. 

satia2032 8/1/2015 10:29 AM
I'm having to type everything in the shout box 4-5 times before it actually posts one
satia2032 8/1/2015 10:14 AM
even worse then blowing my brains out.... Im hooked on world of tanks again :(
satia2032 8/1/2015 10:10 AM
lol, Dez didn't you switch majors? What did you end up getting (aside a shit ton of debt)
Sydious 7/29/2015 11:47 PM
If he is on the corner, I claim pimp.
b10ndb0mbshe11 7/29/2015 9:08 PM
So I'm not sure how much of a kept man you might be :P Get yo ass on the corner!
b10ndb0mbshe11 7/29/2015 9:06 PM
Jesus Satia don't blow your brains out, how am I going to have you as my trophy husband with no head? And yah, I finished school but I really have nothing to show for it (except a mortgage payment in student loans).
Egailae 7/29/2015 12:25 PM
Lol picturing a walker with big tires to work on the dirt
satia2032 7/29/2015 7:13 AM
R'yn, are you allowed to use your walker in the senior league?
Egailae 7/27/2015 8:50 PM
so how did r'yn do in the senior league softball team?
Egailae 7/27/2015 12:18 PM
NA servers in skyforge are behind in patches the russian servers have and the faster you increase your prestiege lvl the less people are in queue for PvP. What doesnt help is if you lvl your prestiege wrong you hit a wall trying to lvl and a bunch give up because of it
Vector090 7/26/2015 4:06 PM
Also want to read more about Teras Kasi but not sure which books to read for that. I guess it helps that Maul's template definitely has TKM in it. Plus (as far as I can tell) MSaber/MPowers/Enhancer4XXX and probably at least Defender444X. Haxx!
Vector090 7/26/2015 3:55 PM
My other problem is I want to read about Dath witches cos they kinda turn me on but as far as I can tell I'd have to read The Courtship of Princess Leia and I don't really feel like reading a love story.
Vector090 7/26/2015 3:54 PM
Satia you should! I wish I had sooner. Kam thanks man, lining those up too then.
satia2032 7/26/2015 7:31 AM
lol, maybe someday I should read some of the books so I don't feel so lost when you guys talk about them. Syd, your offer might be the best thing I've heard in awhile ;)
Kam11 7/26/2015 1:01 AM
Im happy to hear about cutlass. Also kered, stop everything and read the Darth Bane trilogy
Vector090 7/25/2015 8:50 PM
Syd thanks man. I'll go through the two Maul books cos I got'em then I'll hit that trilogy.
Sydious 7/25/2015 8:07 PM
Satia, you can be my trophy wife bro lol. Man I havnt talked to cutlass in fucking forever. Kered after Thrawn trilogy I recommend Jedi Academy Trilogy by Kevin J Anderson.
Vector090 7/25/2015 1:42 PM
Guess it's Darth Maul Shadow Hunter
Vector090 7/25/2015 12:59 PM
So what do I read after the Thrawn trilogy? Shit went by too fast.
Vector090 7/25/2015 12:58 PM
Good old Cutlass!
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